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Cookie University is aimed at Cadette through Ambassador Girl Scouts to help them broaden their scope of cookie activities to help them achieve more.  Building on the 5 Key Skills of Goal Setting, Business Ethics, Money Management, Decision Making and People Skills the Cookie University offers girls to expand their sales opportunities.  Recruit members of your community that are involved in sales, small business management or financial fields to lead the sessions as Cookie Business Coaches.  Here are some samples of workshops that can be hosted at Cookie University

Learning Lab 1 - Customer Mapping ( Have girls fill out their customer mapping plan thinking outside the “cookie box” to new customers as well as current supporters.

Learning Lab 2 – Cookie Business Plan( Working individually or in groups, have girls work on a business plan.  Tell the girls that there are NO LIMITS to the ideas they may generate.  Once plans have been dreamed, future refinements and implementation can follow – Plan to Lad the Change!

Learning Lab 3 – Creating Powerful Presentations.  Recruit a member of the community who routinely does presentations to speak on powerful presentations.  Cover large and small scale presentations.  Have each girl produce her own 5 minute elevator speech about the cookie sale.  Groups can work on an outline for a presentation for larger groups.

Learning Lab 4 – Logistics - Working with a logistics professional talk to the girls about what is involved in logistics – basically getting product manufactured and delivered to customers.  Present two scenarios for girls to work on. 

Scenario one – a hotel chain has ordered 100 cases of cookies to be distributed to 10 of their locations in the state.  What is the best way to get the cookies to the locations?

Scenario two – A large corporation wants to order 300 cases of cookies to give to their employees at a celebration party near the council office.  How can those cookies be delivered by the troop?  In both scenarios have the girls plan the whole process from beginning (baking) to delivery.

Learning Lab 5 – Budgeting for Success – recruit a money management professional to speak with the group about different ways to plan for and achieve a financial goal. (Saving, investing, etc.)  Working in groups, have the girls come up with a long term plan to fund a trip to a Girl Scout World Center within 3 years.