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The world’s largest girl-led business can be even bigger!


ABC Bakers’ programs for growing cookie sale participation.

 The Girl Scout Cookie sale is a rich and life-changing experience for girls. But still, only some of today’s Girl Scouts participate in the cookie sale. Those who don’t are missing out on building the 5 Essential Skills—and having fun. Plus, your council is missing out on generating revenue to support new opportunities for girls.ABC Bakers understands that some Girl Scouts don’t have the support they need to participate. So we’ve created two new programs to help them overcome these barriers to entry and become actively involved in the cookie sale.

 These programs include: 


• The Digital Cookie Program, which lets girls experience the sale in a 100% digital environment
• The Every Cookie Counts Program, which lets troops experience a scaled-back version of the cookie sale 

Please, contact your ABC Sales & Marketing Consultant to learn more about these exciting new programs. Together, we can help every girl join the world’s largest girl-led business.

She can become an e-commerce expert before middle school.

The Girl Scout Digital Cookie Program.


Today’s girls are busier than ever. Between school and extracurricular activities, it’s not easy to commit a lot of hours to a cookie sale. But that doesn’t mean these multi-taskers can’t participate at all. ABC Bakers has made it easy for them to take part in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale program digitally, through the Digital Cookie Program using COCOdirect.


To join in the Digital Cookie Program:
• Troops should let their council know they’ll be participating in the Digital Cookie Program
• Troops and girls should register in COCO by visiting
• Direct your girls to the image gallery, where they can download social media shareables and more


By participating in the Digital Cookie Program, your troop qualifies for full recognition from your council!

Please contact your council to find out more about the new Digital Cookie Program. Because the new generation of business is here.

It’s not about how much you sell.
It’s about how much you learn.

The Every Cookie Counts Program.

At ABC Bakers, we understand that not every troop has the resources to participate in the cookie sale in a big way. So we’ve developed a program that encourages participation at all levels.

The new Every Cookie Counts Program is targeted to troops that have not participated in the cookie sale for at least one year and lets troops and volunteers order as little as one case per girl. Troops can also commit to a focused sale such as a “Thin Mint Sale” or a “Caramel deLites Sale,” simplifying the effort even further.


To take part in the Every Cookie Counts Program:
• Troops should let their council know they’ll be participating in the Every Cookie Counts Program and decide which cookie they are going to sell


The Every Cookie Counts Program is a great way to bring girls the rich experience of selling cookies without committing to a full-blown sale. It’s also the perfect “test run” to see if your troop is ready to take on the cookie sale full force in the future. Contact your council to find out more—because when it comes to your girls’ future, every cookie counts!