Goal Setting

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Importance of Setting Goals

The number one way to increase the number of packages your troop sells is to set goals. So get goal-ing! Encourage girls to set goals in COCO for their best Girl Scout Cookie Sale ever. COCO lets girls track and update their progress as often as they like and set stretch goals along the way.

Cookie Calculator for Troops

Volunteers can work with their troop to set goals by logging into COCO. Log into COCO and on the troop page, there is a link to Cookie Calc. Troops can also create their own budget by using the Troop Budgeting Worksheet.



Ways to Share Goals

Customers love hearing about girls’ learning and sales goals as well as how the cookie money contributes to Girl Scouting. Encourage girls in your troop to share their goals while selling with COCOmobile – just show the customer the home page where her goals are displayed. Girls can also share troop goals during booth sales by displaying their goal chart and how they are progressing during the sale.