How Girls Sell Cookies

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Order Card - Door-to-Door

Girls can take their order card to friends in the neighborhood. Remember to follow the GSUSA safety guidelines when selling Girl Scout Cookies.

eCards for Cookies to be Delivered

Girls can access a variety of ecards to send to friends and family through COCO Online Marketing. Just log into COCO on with the proper user credentials, and go to the Online Marketing tab. Girls can select the ecard, enter the customer’s name and contact information and enter a custom message, including her personal and troop goal information. Once the ecard is sent, she can monitor her orders and create an order card report as well. And new this season, girls can send an ecard with a link to COCOdirect, allowing friends and family members to pay for their order online and have it sent directly to them.


Mobile App for Personal Delivery

COCOmobile is designed for girls to sell Girl Scout Cookies and track sales progress. The free COCOmobile app lets girls work on the 5 essential skills – Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. These are the skills that last a lifetime. Girls can set and track sales goals, take and manage cookie orders, see a summary of orders and item totals, track recognitions earned, view nutritional information with product images and track order payment and delivery status.



For the 2016-17 season, consumers can have cookies shipped directly and pay via credit card. For sales made through COCOdirect, there’s no money collection and no hand delivery. Girls can sell using COCOdirect in 2 ways:

  • Using COCO Online Marketing – Girls can send an eCard to friends and family that includes a secure link to COCOdirect
  • Using COCOmobile - ABC’s proprietary girl ordering app - Girls can send an eCard to friends and family that includes a secure link to COCOdirect


Booth Sales

People love to order Girl Scout Cookies, but money collection and home deliveries can be a time-consuming challenge. Cookie booths allow customers to shop and pay for cookies from a convenient location—allowing girls and their parents to focus on sales and having fun!

A Leadership Experience: A booth sale can do so much more than boost your sales! Girls get valuable experience conducting sales transactions, answering questions, counting money, setting up product displays, and managing inventory. Older girls can try their hand at market research based on customer behavior and input, while younger girls can learn how a simple business operates.

Business 101: Get even more out of your booth sale by arranging for girls to tour the booth sale host location so they can learn more about that type of business and career roles.


Corporate Sales

Corporate sales can be a great way for older girl troops to expand their cookie selling methods and sell more cookies in a short amount of time. Working with the council staff and community leaders, girls can identify large companies that might buy large quantities of cookies. Girls need a presentation outline, contact information, pricing and logistics information before making a pitch.

Here are some ideas for corporate sales:

Car Dealers (individual or an auto center): Purchase cookies and give a case to every customer who buys a car in March

Service Companies (housecleaners, oil change outlets, drycleaners, etc.): Purchase cookies and give a box to every customer on Girl Scout birthday or during a special promotional day. What customer would not love to come home to a clean house but a box of cookies on the counter too!

Corporations: Buy cookies and distribute to employees as a thank you for a special project. Or for top producing teams around the country promote sending an 8 pack sampler through COCODirect.

Real Estate Agents: Purchase cookies and serve at open house events during the month of March. Give a case of cookies for every house sold (or maybe make arrangements for a year’s worth of cookies).

Hotels and B & B Locations: Encourage hotels to purchase cookies to serve on their concierge floor or at afternoon tea during the month of March. They could also award a box to “guest of the day” during the month of March.


Donation Programs

Many councils run Cookie Share, Gift of Caring or other donation programs during the cookie sale.

These programs really help in several ways:

  • Gives customers who would rather not eat cookies a chance to support Girl Scouts
  • Benefits are doubled – Girl Scouts earn money for activities and receiving agency gets cookies!
  • Council donation programs lessen the amount of unsold product

Your council may have a “Virtual” or “Standard” donation program – here are some highlights of the two types:

Virtual Program: Troops order cookie share cookies through Snap using the variety labeled cookie share. This can be done at the initial order or using the reorder process. Cookie Share cookies ordered by the troop must be paid for and the troop gets full proceed and recognition credit, but the troop never physically receives the cookies. At the end of the sale (or as planned by the council) cookies are delivered to the council designated partner(s).

Standard Program: Council and or troop designates appropriate recipients for the cookie share cookies (food banks; homeless shelters, USO, etc.) and the girls ask customers to buy the cookies share cookies. Troops order cookies as part of their initial order or cupboard pick-ups and then make arrangements to deliver the cookies to the recipient. Troop gets full recognition and proceeds for these cookies. Talk to your council to find out more about specific council requirements and programs in your area.


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