Master Cookie Selling Tips

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We’ve collected the best Girl Scout Cookie selling tips in one place. So, we thought we'd share them with you!

Write an article about your cookie activity for a local school, subdivision, business, or place of worship newsletter.

Offer to do a service project for a local business in exchange for hosting your troop’s booth sale.

Decorate bulletin boards and store windows with posters to remind folks it’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Taste enough cookies to allow you to describe them to customers.

Start with last year’s list! Contact your old customers and remind them that cookie season is here again.

Set up your booths in places where groups of people will gather or walk by.

Get help in a hurry if anyone tries to hassle, harass, or harm you while you’re selling cookies.

Share the Girl Scout mission and your troop’s goals with your customers.

Record your Cookie Sale plans, goals, and experiences in a journal and use them to prepare for next year’s Cookie Sale.

Set goals and make them happen!

Notice which cookies are selling and encourage customers to buy packages of other varieties.

Ask local business owners about buying cookies in bulk to offer quality coffee-break treats for employees.

Check back with your customers before the sale ends to see if they want to re-order.

Offer small samples of cookies at your cookie booth.

Go on a cookie walk-about with your whole troop. It’s a great way to sell a lot of cookies!