Check List for Success

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Use this list to track important tasks and conquer the Girl Scout Cookie Sale one step at a time!

Planning and Preparation

___ Complete training as recommended by your council

___ Confirm girls are registered and permission slips have been signed

___ Review Girl Scout Program and Safety Materials

___ Hold a family meeting

___ Collect returned Cookie Network Volunteer Forms

___ Facilitate girl training and goal setting

___ Schedule and/or register for booth sales

___ Recruit additional adults for cookie activities

Making It Happen

___ First day of selling

___Initial order due from girls

___ Initial order due to council

___ Distribute cookies

___ Booth sales begin

___ Money due from girls

___ Money due to council

___ Recognition orders due

___ Final payment due to council

Celebrating Success

___ Distribute recognitions earned by girls

___ Evaluate sale with girls, council

___ Plan your service project(s) and/or event(s) utilizing cookie proceeds

___ Celebrate!

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