Volunteer Positions

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Girls need adult volunteers and mentors to help the cookie sales reach their full potential.  Consider recruiting parents for key roles to Lead the Change.

Troop Cookie Chair – manages orders, works with troop adult volunteer to set goals and schedules

Transportation Chair – helps to coordinate transportation to booth sales or cookie pick-ups

Inventory Manager – keeps in contact with girls and families to insure that everyone has enough cookies to sell or to move cookies around as needed and keeps troop cookie chair advised if more cookies are needed

Social Media Chair – keeps girls and parents informed about progress and upcoming events through social media outlets or email

Booth Coordinator – insures that all supplies for booth sales, tables, décor, cookies, change are ready to go and assists in recruiting additional adult supervision as needed

Cookie Business Coach – ideal for the marketing professional parent – update girls on progress and coach them to success as well as partiicpates in goal setting sessions and helps girls Lead the Change

Cookie Customer – every parent can take on the role of being a girl’s first and best customer!