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COCO-Cookie-CommandYour troops/groups have a customized web–based “business center!”. Our Cookie Command Center, or COCO, lets girls manage their cookie activities online.

Set and track goals.

Research shows girls who set goals are more successful.

  • Girls determine their individual cookie goals.
  • They record their progress toward goals, and set stretch goals along the way.
  • Girls choose which recognitions they want to achieve and see the ones they can earn if they sell at higher levels.


Create a plan.

This tool makes developing and working on an activity plan even more fun for girls.

  • Girls determine what activities they will undertake as part of their cookie program, choosing among a list of recommended activities and/or adding their own.
  • Each activity is tied to one of the 5 Essential Skills.
  • Girls earn and collect “5 Skills Bling” when they complete planned activities.


Use marketing tools to reach their customers.

  • Girls can import a contact list and save this information from season to season.
  • Girls customize and send ecards to friends and family.
  • Friends and family place orders online (girls still fulfill the order).
  • Site keeps a database of stored addresses from the ecards for use next year.
  • Customers receive an automated thank you card when an order is placed.


Custom COCO Dashboard
All of a girl’s COCO activities are summarized on her “My Dashboard” page, which includes:

  • Her name, picture, goals set and reached, a reference for recognitions she can earn, activities planned and completed, and badges earned.
  • How she is tracking compared to other girls in her troop/group.
  • Cheers she has received from her teammates, plus the ability to send cheers and comments to others, with links to share via social media for teens.

Custom Troop Dashboard
An ideal vehicle for volunteers to communicate with girls, COCO’s troop page allows volunteers to post messages about the cookie sale to girls and monitor the troop’s progress. Volunteers can help girls set goals and cheer them on!

Make it Personal
With COCO, girls can upload their own image or choose a fun avatar to personalize their dashboard. And younger girls can choose one of the five Cookie Superstars to guide them through their COCO activities. The troop/group leader can also upload a team photo to COCO’s troop page.