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COCOdirect LOGO FINALSell cookies in a whole new way with COCOdirect.

With COCOdirect...
Consumers can have cookies shipped directly and pay via credit card.


Girls can sell using COCOdirect in 2 ways:

1- Using COCOmobile - ABC’s proprietary girl ordering app
2- Using COCO Online Marketing - Girls can send an eCard to friends and family that includes a secure link to COCOdirect.

Easy to Use!
For sales made through COCOdirect, there’s... 
NO money collection and NO hand delivery!

Customers can choose from packaging sizes:

- An eight-pack sampler that includes one of each variety
- A half dozen of any one variety
- A dozen of any one variety
And for a limited time only, they can order ABC’s gluten free cookies, Trios

The COCOdirect Girl Experience via COCOmobile


9 Easy Steps for Girl Scouts:
1- Register for COCO via to get username & password
2- Download COCOmobile from the Apple store (Apple version) or Google Play™ (Android™ version)
3- Login to COCOmobile using COCO username & password
4- Open the COCOdirect order screen by clicking on COCOdirect icon in the main menu of COCOmobile.
5- Place the customer’s order

    • Quantity of ½ dozen, dozen, and 8-pack varieties
    • Customer ship to name, address, phone number, email address
    • Customer bill to name, address, phone number, email address, credit card information
    • The customer will have an option of “expediting” the order

6- Review the order with the customer, telling them the amount due
7- Submit the order with a simple click
8- Order, delivery and shipping confirmation will be emailed to the customer
9- Weekly Sales Data Reports will be emailed, if an email address is entered when the order is placed.


The COCOdirect Girl Experience via COCO


1- Register for COCO via to get username and password
2- Login to COCO using username and password
3- Select Online Marketing
4- Click on Send an E-Card
5- Choose the COCOdirect E-Card
6- Choose the contact name(s)
7- Add a message
8- Preview the card
9- Hit send
10- Friends and family receive an email with a link to COCOdirect, allowing them to place an order and pay with a credit card